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Unlimited Sitemap Generator

Unlimited Sitemap Generator

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This great product generates any kind of sitemap you require: XML, Text, HTML, ROR or Mobile and it works with any type and size of site. It will produce the sitemap files for any pages within a domain and once setup will just run without any intervention.   It is highly configurable and there are a large number of ways that it can be tailored to work in an optimum way for your site but equally will  work straight out of the box.

It can be configured to automatically (via cron) create sitemaps at a frequency of your choice and it will automatically notify (ping) the major search engines (Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and that a new version of the sitemap file is ready.  These features will increase the frequency of site visits by the search engines and ensure that more of your pages are actually indexed.

It will also report any broken links within the site so these can then be fixed.  It supports V0.9 sitemap protocol and is fully robots.txt compliant.


This is not software that I have written myself but I am the main reseller for it and support it for a large number of clients and works fantastically well with CubeCart but will also work with any other type of website as well.

Price: $30.00

Product Code: UNLS12

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