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Category Percentage Surcharge for CubeCart V4

Category Percentage Surcharge for CubeCart V4

Product Information

This mod enables a percentage surcharge to be added on a per category basis whenever one or more products are added to the shopping cart from specified categories.

For example, category A could be set to a surcharge percentage of 20% and category B set to 15%. If an order consists of products only from category A, then a line with a 20% surcharge would be added in the shopping cart. If an order consists of products from categories A and B, then the surcharge would be calculated at 20% of the total of the products from category A plus 15% of the total of products from category B

Some of the code is licenced and also encoded with ionCube so this is required on your server for it to function.
Price: $15.00

Product Code: CAT429

Prices are listed as a guide only. For accurate and most upto date pricing please see the authors own store, where the price will be reflected in their trading currency.

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