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RSS Feed for v4

RSS Feed for v4

Product Information

An RSS feed helps you and your customers to monitor new and updated products without having to visit your shop. RSS feeds can also benefit your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) methods.

Only products that are not hidden or out of stock are shown in the RSS feed. If you are using the CubeCart SEO mod, the RSS feed will contain SEO links.

Alternative methods of listing products include by category ID (dynamic / static), product type (all / tangible / digital) or by popular products and also list subcategories.

As used in this catalogue.

Requires Ioncube Loaders to be installed, check with your hosting for compatibility before purchasing.
Price: $17.98

Product Code: RSSX2

Prices are listed as a guide only. For accurate and most upto date pricing please see the authors own store, where the price will be reflected in their trading currency.

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