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Shipping By Item CC4

Shipping By Item CC4
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Shipping By Item CC4
Shipping By Item CC4
Shipping By Item CC4

Product Information

This CubeCart shipping module allows you to set a unique shipping price for every product in your store.

'Product A' ships for $2.00 per item.
'Product B' ships for 1 for $5.00, 2 for $8.00, 3 for $10.00, plus $1.00 for each additional item thereafter.

If the basket contained 3 of 'Product A' and 2 of 'Product B', the basket shipping cost would then be:
3 x $2.00 + $8.00 = $14.00
  • Each individual product can have free shipping, a per item shipping rate (see 'Product A' in the example above), or graduated shipping prices (see 'Product B' in the example above).
  • You can create shipping zones and charge different product shipping prices for different countries or states/provinces (view the last screenshot above).
  • You can import shipping rates when using the CubeCart 4 Import Catalogue feature.
Important Note:

This is a standalone shipping module and it cannot be used to set individual shipping prices for some products and have shipping calculated for other products in a different way (e.g. by weight, USPS, UPS, etc). If you need to give free shipping or a custom shipping fee to particular products only, please see Custom Shipping Fee for Selected Products CC4

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Price: $29.95

Product Code: SHIB14

Prices are listed as a guide only. For accurate and most upto date pricing please see the authors own store, where the price will be reflected in their trading currency.

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