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Ultra Elegant. Highly Professional. This beautiful Theme will suit almost any business venture that requires an elite standard and professional design that doesn't compromise your product inventory images in any way.

All our ready made themes can be viewed on our Demo Store. If you would like to review our Cube Cart 4 themes, please drop us a note and we'll provide immediate access

For More Pictures You Can Visit CubeCartForums >> Cube Cart 4 >> Commercial Skins >> MaddisonCC4 >> Post 5079

Special Features & Offers

  • Eye catching contrasting color combination
  • Specialized CSS coding that allows excellent use of full sized product imagery for both thumbnails and main images
  • Custom Made Header graphics using our gorgeous "Saffron Too" font choice
  • Valid to's standard.
  • Blank Logo PSD (Photoshop) file for ease of creating your own logo
  • Hi-Res Blank Logo JPG image for those who do not own Photoshop
  • "Renaissance" font for installation
  • Comprehensive How To HTML page for installation

Additional Information

Theme: Two (2) Column Fixed Width
e-Commerce: Version 4
Architecture: Cascading StyleSheet based
Inclusions: styleTemplates, styleImages, styleSheets, Graphicst
Sidebars: Left Sidebar
Browser Sizing: 800 x 600 min
Tested: Apple's Safari Browser
Price: $71.00

Product Code: MADK23

Prices are listed as a guide only. For accurate and most upto date pricing please see the authors own store, where the price will be reflected in their trading currency.

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