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CubeCart Version 3 Documentation - Adding, editing and deleting the Homepage content and Site Documents

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Adding, editing and deleting the Homepage content and Site Documents


On this page resides the most important content page on your store, the homepage. This page can either turn people away, or invite them to stay.

Usually the first time the homepage is edited, there is a write error on saving... this error looks like this:

Could not open file of '/home/httpd/vhosts/' for writing. Try changing the CHMOD value to 0777. Remember to set it back to 0644 afterwards!

More details on the location can be found in the Language page.

This can be changed using an FTP client, to browse to the directory, and change the CHMOD setting to '777'.

To add different language front pages, just change the dropdown menu to the required language, and change the title and content text.

Site Documents

The site documents can easily be added, edited and deleted through this dialog.

Add a New Site Document

Click on 'Add New' in the top right to add a new document to the list.

The page below will appear, allowing you to give the page a name and to enter the document content using the editor. You can also add HTML if you click on the 'Source' button.

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