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Appendix - Installing a Mac OSX Web Server

Installing a Mac OSX Web Server

Installing an Apple Mac OSX development environment is fairly easy to do, just follow each of these steps in order.

Step 1 - Installing a Web Server

Installing Personal Web Sharing

This is the built in personal web server that comes with MacOSX. It is based on Apache 1.3.

Step 2 - Installing PHP

The PHP can be downloaded here: This page also includes instructions on installation.

Step 3 - Installing mySQL

This can be downloaded from

Step 4 - Installing Administration Tools

Both tools have their benefits, however phpMyAdmin may be more familiar to a lot of people as it is the administration tool of choice for a lot of IT professionals and hosting providers.


The software can be downloaded from The best file to download for beginners wanting a UK version ''. However the other versions are just as good, they are just packaged differently.

mySQL Tools (Optional)

The software can be downloaded from

Step 5 - What can I now do?

After installing these packages, you can now emulate the same environment as a webserver hosting your website on the internet. Pages are displayed just as they would on the internet.

You can reference your website by using 'http://localhost/' (or 'http://localhost/~you_name/') in your web browser, and 'upload' files to a folder on your own hard drive. This makes editing your website files as easy as clicking on save, then refreshing your browser.

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