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CubeCart Version 4 Documentation - Recount & Rebuild

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Recount & Rebuild

This page offers a selection of general maintenace features to fix and update various systems within CubeCart.

Recalculate upload folder size

The location the images get uploaded to.

Rebuild category product count

When importing products the product count can be rechecked.

Rebuild number customer orders

Recound customer orders that are in the system. When orders are removed from the system, the reported number of orders by a customer can be inaccurate.

Reset number product views

This will affect the popular products side box, and the statistics.

Delete orphaned thumbnails

Image thumbnails that are no longer associated with a product image.

Clear search history

Reset the search history logs to show new information.

Delete admin logs

Clears out old admin logs that are not required.

Delete admin sessions

Clears admin session information that is no longer required.

Clear SQL Cache

Clears the CubeCart page cache, to ensure new pages are generated on next view.

Clear Payment Transaction Logs

Clear out transaction logs.

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