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Diavoletti CC4

Theme Version: V1
Theme Compatibility: CubeCart 4.4.3+
Theme License: Commercial: per Web Server Installation
Cost: 40.00 UK

Serira Designs is always trying to come up with new and innovative ideas for CubeCart and we think we've nailed it with Diavoletti (translation: "little devils")

Diavoletti for CubeCart 4 is a stylish, highly professional 'unique' design that will suit any type of CubeCart business: cards, florist, lingerie, photography, clothing and apparel, electronics, DVD and Music stores, Bookstore - the list is endless!

Bold colors, clever slimline design, Diavoletti for CubeCart 4 is innovative, original, and comes packed with functionality and enhancements such as: 'Unique Homepage Design' that sectionalises your store for quick and easy search, 'Clever Sliding Sidebars' to keep all those sideboxes neat and tidy, 'Remove Individual Products from Shopping Basket', feature, 'Opacity OnHover' for all product descriptions, professional icons for sparkles, '@FontFace' for all typographical elements, 'JQuery Vertical Flyout Multi-Level Menu' and our standard inclusion: 'Smart Image ReSizing' to bring a more consistent look to your product images.

We've also included a bunch of Social Icons just waiting for your hyperlink inclusions!

If you are interested in owning this Theme outright, please open a HelpDesk ticket and we can discuss your needs.

Version History: V1.0

Image: Home Page
- with (4) Sliding Panels that can sectionalise your store for quick and easy access to your customers. The gray onhover panel can be changed to suit your business. The Unique Homepage design is optional but will enhance Diavoletti nicely. These images are at a set sizing.

Image: Category Page - both Sidebars Closed
Diavoletti offers Sliding Sidebars are a clever enhancement for CubeCart! Clicking the black tab will slide the sidebar open, and your sideboxes will display. For Diavoletti we have Categories and Session and Search in the left sidebar and Shopping Basket in the right!

Product Inventory Thumbnails are set at a nice size of : 120px wide by 195px high. The Smart Image ReSizing script will tackle thumbnail sizing on the fly!

Image: Category Page - Left SideBar Open
Clicking the black tab on the left will open the left sidebar to reveal your Categories (JQuery Vertical Flyout Menu) and Sessions, link to Main Home page & Search. Clicking the Silver tab will close the sidebar!

Image: Category Page - Right Sidebar Open
What's so clever about our Sliding Sidebars is even if the Right Sidebar is closed, and you add a product to your basket, the Right Sidebar will automatically open to reveal the shopping basket! Additionally, we've included individual Remove Product feature so if your customers make a mistake and they need to remove a product, they do not have to go to the cart pages to remove and update their order. They can do it straight in the Shopping Basket!

Image: Single Page Showing Both Sidebars Open
The Single Product Page is well organised with lovely contrasting icons to enhance that Diavoletti look and feel. Related Products carry the same look and feel as all other product boxes inclusive of onhover opacity for nice effects! The Main Image is 230px wide by 344px high. The Smart Image ReSizing script resizes the image perfectly!

This theme is available for CubeCart 3, CubeCart 4 and CubeCart 5 (when released!)

Very nice smile.gif
Thanks Rob biggrin.gif
Coolest CubeCart skin I've seen in a l-o-o-o-o-ong time! Kudos Kate! Simply wonderful on the lingerie sites I've seen with it.
Thanks Mark!

I've received really good positive feedback for this theme. I'm glad everyone likes it :-0
Really good skin well done Katgirl
Thanks Phil! smile.gif
QUOTE (KatGirl @ Apr 9 2011, 09:08 AM) *
Thanks Phil! smile.gif
Excellent skin but the Red site is stunning.
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