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For some time now I've been developing a theme editing suite for CubeCart V5. One component of this suite is the "Visual Editor". If you've used Firebug or Webkit's Web Inspector, you'll find the concept most familiar. The project sprouted out of being in constant receipt of support tickets asking how to change various colors, dimensions, fonts etc. We hope that the Visual Editor will ultimately make experimenting with various basic CSS properties a quick and painless process. There might be still some way to go yet, but the essentials have now been implemented. The Visual Editor is no replacement for a good text/code editor. It is certainly not designed for producing complete stylesheets. It's primary function is to provide a simple interface for tweaking a few properties here and there.

Beta Testers

We need people to beta test the "Visual Editor". You will need a working copy of CubeCart V5 RC1 or later. The target demographic is those with little to moderate experience with CSS (though all are welcome). The prerelease can be freely downloaded through Note that two small changes are required during installation at this time. These should not be necessary when CubeCart V5 is finally released. This prerelease will expire in one month and is not suitable for deployment to production sites.

We need your feedback!

If you want to report any bugs or request additional features, please post them in our bug tracker. If you have any suggestions or comments, please post them here or in the comments section of our website. Any feedback (negative or positive) will be warmly received.
QUOTE (Homar @ Jun 14 2011, 04:42 AM) *
For some time now I've been developing a theme editing suite for CubeCart V5.

Did you ever finish this project?

Looks real cool.
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