'Cafe Chic' Black & Grey Theme for v4

Skin Version: 2.9
Skin License: Commercial: per Web Server Installation
Cost: 34.99

Updated for CubeCart v4.3.7.

Make your store stand out... make it unique....

A complete skin for CubeCart v4.3.x onwards. Modifications to the template files include:
  • 2 column design
  • New style menu, login/account menu and site documents as part of one menu
  • New style front page latest products list, which includes product descriptions
  • Customised DHTML expanding menu
  • New style Shopping Cart
  • New layout on product details pages
  • Custom subcategory images
  • The side boxes can be added or removed from the skin on request
This store skin is ideal for a small 'high street' shop looking to extend their shop online with a sophisticated look and feel. With good use of their own product images in the header image and footer banners, this store can give the impression it was made specifically for them.

Note, this skin requires a few small modifications to the CubeCart core files. Detailed instructions are included.

Static width designed for 800 x 600 screen resolution, with one side column. The template supplied includes a header image without the 'Your Logo Here' text. If you wish for us to add your logo to the template, we can do so at no extra cost.

Header image and footer banner also comes with a transparent template versions to help you create your own designs with the correct layout, border width etc. These are optional to use, however it is recommended to use your own images rather than the images supplied to help the store promote your products.

A demonstration is available on request (recommended!), please PM me. If you would like a different colour scheme, please PM me.

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